Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on QROPS pension transfers. What is the minimum value I can transfer to a QROPS? In our experience the better schemes require funding of around 200,000 GBP to keep the charges to a minimum. However, there are similar schemes available from 50,000 GBP if you have … Read more

QROPS Pension Transfer Guide for British Expats

We hope you find our guide informative and that it highlights some of the vast financial planning opportunities available to you in transferring your UK pension rights to a QROPS! The guide is intentionally generic and therefore individual questions may arise that you would like answers to. If at anytime you would like more detailed … Read more

Where to Find Expat Financial Advice

Whether you want to determine which banking options best suit you, or you have queries relating to your short or long term savings and investing options, you need to know where to find qualified and experienced assistance. One of the things that expatriates most commonly worry about once they have moved abroad is that they … Read more

Expat Life Insurance and Health Insurance

When you’re planning to move abroad there are many concerns and considerations to fill your day – from securing housing and employment to sorting out visas and flight tickets. Once you arrive in your new nation there will also be plenty to keep you occupied – from settling in and making friends, to becoming familiar … Read more

Education Fee Planning for Expats

In a recent survey conducted by HSBC into the best places in the world for expatriates to live, one of the criteria that the bank used to determine preferential nations was the expatriate respondents’ access to so-called ‘luxuries’ now that they had relocated. One of these luxuries was their access to private school education for … Read more

Trusts and Wills for Expats

When it comes to the ultimate and final protection of your finances and your assets, you will need to consider how your estate will be managed and distributed upon your death. As an expatriate it is essential to get your affairs in order as soon as you arrive in your new nation because different countries … Read more

Avoiding the 2022 Credit Crunch

The recent ‘credit crunch,’ stock market turmoil and global financial crisis that have impacted all our lives are not necessarily things that any one of us can protect ourselves against completely. The fluctuating fortunes of stock markets, the cyclical nature of housing markets, and the way in which bankers work and governments run economies are … Read more