Investing for British Expatriates

Having covered an expatriate’s basic banking, savings and investment options and discussed the EU Savings Tax Directive and potential ways to legitimately avoid the restrictions it places on the individual, it’s time to get a handle on why you want to invest, how much you want to invest and what the money will eventually be … Read more

Offshore & EU Approved Portfolio Bonds

There are many advantages to placing your savings and investments offshore if you’re an expatriate; for example you can have access to more fund managers who are able to operate more freely and therefore expose your funds to a wider array of opportunities. Depending on where you reside you can save and invest in locations … Read more

British Expat Tax: Residency and Domicile

Having touched upon the fact that you have to deregister your taxable presence in the UK before establishing your tax obligations in your new country of residence in chapter four, in this chapter we will expand on the theme of expatriate tax. The point at which you leave one country of residence and become tax … Read more

The European Savings Tax Directive

We have briefly touched on the fact that EU domiciled individuals who are resident within another European Union member state are now forced to choose between 20% tax deducted or exchange of information. But that only applies to bank accounts and fixed interest coupons such as Government Bonds. There are solutions and it is therefore … Read more

The Main Advantages of Offshore Savings and Investments for Expats

It’s impossible to categorically state what the benefits of an offshore investment policy might be to you as an individual. However, here follows the main advantages of offshore investments that the majority of people are able to explore and potentially benefit from. Before embarking upon an offshore investment strategy yourself however, remember that you will … Read more

Expat Offshore Saving and Investment Accounts

With your bank accounts in order, your tax status established and your awareness raised about your need to find a well-qualified and experienced international independent financial adviser, the next thing for you to consider is saving and investing your excess income or making the most of your existing savings. We will show you how to … Read more

Getting Expat Financial Advice

As you may well have realised by now, expatriates are in a uniquely advantageous financial position. However, getting to grips with all of the opportunities available to you, your wealth and your assets can be a daunting undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be! In the following chapters we will help you to discover many … Read more

Banking Options for British Expats

As an expatriate you have four basic banking options: – You can operate your main banking activity through your account back in the UK You can open a new account locally and use this for your transactional activity (normally used for local bills, rent, mortgage, schools, mobile phone etc You can bank offshore You can … Read more